Monday, September 12, 2011

The HardCore Warrior

Article by Barky

Teamwork is at the heart of HardCore & that alone is the reason I fell in love with it in the first place. For me, running lone-wolf style in HardCore is most certainly a death trap. But when my friends, my brothers, take up arms with me & fight for the unadulterated, murderous procurement of that bright, shining W, you might as well wipe Core off my discs. I'm not knocking Core - it's fun in its own right - but it takes a clan of warriors to dominate in HardCore.

It truly is a shame that when most Core players take their first step in HardCore, it is often their last. HardCore game types can be intimidating, even for seasoned pros who haven't played in a while. It takes a completely different mindset & strategy to play HardCore. In HardCore, bullets are the currency of war, & we are rich men. We pry the weapons from our enemies cold, bloody hands only to reunite them in a barrage of bullets as they sprint, headlong, back into our sights.

One of the only downsides, in my opinion, of HardCore game types, is that there aren't enough of them. Recently, there has been an urging of sorts toward the developers of Call of Duty games to implement more HardCore playlists into their games. I, myself have tweeted & re-tweeted several messages in hopes to break through the walls that confine the future of HardCore gaming, & I've actually seen some result. In Black Ops, they changed up their HardCore playlists, showing the community that devs were listening. I hope that Modern Warfare 3's developers have taken note of the growing popularity of HardCore game types & have worked in a little surprise or two for us.

HardCore is home for me. It's where I have the most fun. And at the end of the day, isn't that the whole reason you buy Call of Duty in the first place? It's damn sure why I bought it.

Long Live HardCore.